Monday, March 5, 2012

"ᏥᏴᏍᎦᎸᏍᎦ. ᎦᏥᏍᎪᎥᏍᎦ." (I’m hiding her. I’m lying.)


A friend relayed a story about a relative of mine. To protect the innocent (Ꭽ Ꭽ!), no names will be used, but the basic gist is that an old relative of mine had a propensity for wearing head scarves.  Oh, and shapeshifting into birds.

The title "ᏥᏴᏍᎦᎸᏍᎦ. ᎦᏥᏍᎪᎥᏍᎦ." - translated as "I’m hiding her. I’m lying." - is my take on the story. A portrait of a long passed relative.  In one sense, the ethereal form of the bird (ᏥᏍᏆ) is hiding the true form of the individual. In another, I’ve always wondered if being able to shapeshift is a form of telling a lie. Or maybe just a story.

2012. 24" x 24".  Acrylic on wood panel. Painted using brushes, sponges, and just fingers.  Even paper towels were scraped across the surface at one point...because that’s how I roll.

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